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Join in the China Association of Water Supply and Drainage Equipment

From:本站   Datetime:2015-06-05
According to the standard of housing and urban-rural development built [2014] no. 189 document, "about 2015" of housing and urban-rural development under centralized industrial products industry standards formulated or revised plan notification ", the industry standard of the People's Republic of China "the butterfly slowly-closing check valve", "water supply and drainage with buried gate" and "splits the guide type vacuum regulator valve" the revision of application have been approved. 
Shanghai Outelai Valve Machinery Co., Ltd., together with China construction metal structure association, Zhuzhou south valve co., Ltd., Wuhan dayu valve manufacturing co., Ltd., Anhui hongxing valve co., Ltd., Hangzhou chunjiang valve co., Ltd., Jinan mei DE casting co., Ltd, Anhui copper is fluid technology co., Ltd, carry out this huge projects of industry standards revision task.